Newmark J-School workshops
John Keefe

Intro to AI for Journalists

Recognize cases when machine learning can help in investigations, use tools to tackle real-world reporting issues, and better understand how AI is used by your sources.

Jeff Jarvis

REMOTE REPORTER: Finding and Amplifying Experts

With COVID-19, journalists must become experts at finding experts

Lisa Armstrong

REMOTE REPORTER: Diversity and Inclusion in Pandemic Reporting

Whose stories are we telling? Missing? And whom are we reaching?

Viktorya Vilk

REMOTE REPORTER: Online Abuse Self-Defense with PEN America

Concrete guidance to respond to online abuse and protect yourself and others

Carrie Brown

REMOTE REPORTER: Engaged reporting in the age of COVID-19

How to help people fight misinformation, meet their basic needs and navigate this pandemic

Anita Zielina

REMOTE REPORTER: Strengthening Your Network and Your Career via LinkedIn

Step up your game on today's go-to platform for finding your next job