Newmark J-School workshops
John Smock

REMOTE REPORTER: Finding and Using Copyright-Free Footage For Your Videos

Find and use copyright-free and user-generated footage

Anita Zielina

Why We Need Product Thinking To Save Journalism

Why we need product thinking to save journalism: An intro to product for journalists

Hannah Wise

Engagement with Facebook Groups

Learn to report on and engage with closed digital communities.

City Bureau

The Public Newsroom

Bettina Chang and Andrea Faye Hart, of City Bureau in Chicago, equip communities to do equitable and necessary journalism.

Errol Louis

TV News and Local Politics

Errol Louis, the host of NY1’s “Inside City Hall,” teaches covering local politics with a particular emphasis on TV news, live interviews, debate moderation and commentary.

Terry Parris Jr.

Crowdsourcing and Community

Terry Parris Jr., former head of audience engagement at ProPublica, will talk about his career, how he does his job and his general philosophy. Special guest: Adriana Gallardo.