REMOTE REPORTER: Engaged Reporting in the age of COVID-19

REMOTE REPORTER: Engaged Reporting in the age of COVID-19

taught by Carrie Brown
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Arlene Schulman

Sofia Perpétua

Arlene Schulman

Sofia Perpétua

Carrie Brown
Carrie Brown
Video Lecturer

About the Instructor

Dr. Carrie Brown heads the Newmark J-School’s M.A. in Social Journalism program.

She was previously an associate professor of journalism at the University of Memphis, where she earned recognition in 2014 as the national Educator of the Year from the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication’s Newspaper and Online Division.

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The REMOTE REPORTER is a series of videos of 25 minutes or less in which our faculty members share techniques and tips especially calibrated to help journalists and journalism students continue their work while they self-isolate and weather the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this episode, Dr. Carrie Brown reaffirms the importance of practicing engaged journalism to help people fight misinformation, meet their basic needs and navigate this pandemic. She covers ideas and tools for doing this crucial work remotely, including:

  • Find out people’s preferred ways of communicating
  • Partner with community organizations
  • Assess COVID-19 information needs in your community and plan to meet them
  • Bring people together online now that you can’t have town hall meetings
  • Ask people specific questions, continuously
  • Learn from examples of engaged journalism in action

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Engaged Reporting in The Age of COVID-19