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Sofia Perpétua

Sofia Perpétua

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Bettina Chang and Andrea Faye Hart are two of the four co-founders of City Bureau, a non-profit civic journalism lab based on the South Side of Chicago. Founded in 2015, City Bureau brings journalists and communities together in a collaborative spirit to produce media that is impactful, equitable and responsive to the public. 

Andrea is the director of community engagement at City Bureau. She was previously at Free Spirit Media, where she created the non-profit organization's Real Chi Youth program. Bettina is the editorial director at City Bureau. She is the former executive digital editor of Chicago Magazine and also worked at DNAinfo Chicago, Pacific Standard and the education non-profit Supplies for Dreams. The other two co-founders of City Bureau are Darryl Holliday and Harry Backlund. 

City Bureau manages three programs: the Civic Reporting Fellowship, the Public Newsroom and the award-winning Documenters. City Bureau envisions a future in which all people are equipped with the tools and knowledge to effect change in their communities.

Bettina Chang and Andrea Faye Hart share their ideas and techniques for practicing the type of journalism that repairs broken information systems, journalism that reports with communities, not on communities, and journalism that equips people to tell their own stories. 

Like Andrea says, “We think journalism is for everybody. If it's going to be a public good, it should look like the public.”

This lively lecture contains many real life examples from Andrea’s and Bettina’s work at City Bureau, including launching the Civic Reporting Fellowship, the Public Newsroom and the award-winning Documenters Program, where they train people to document public government meetings. 

Take this class whether you are a journalism student, a professional journalist or a member of the public curious to take a peek behind the scenes.

This video lecture is made possible by a generous grant from the News Integrity Initiative to "build enduring trust and mutual respect between newsrooms and the public through sustained listening, collaboration, and transparency." 

The series was filmed in the Newmark J-School studio in New York.

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